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Thread: Some of my files will not upload to ubuntu storage?

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    Angry Some of my files will not upload to ubuntu storage?

    After upgrading to 13.04, I keep getting the same notification stating about over 200 files being uploaded to the storage when I start up ubuntu. I checked my pictures folder and some of my images were still in sync, even if computer was on for 4 hours!!! So I checked the files on the website and I saw "still being synced" images there, but when I tried to download them, the error came up saying that the file could not be downloaded. Furthermore, it was weird that these files had a size of 1 byte compared to other uploaded images. What can I do about this?
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    Re: Some of my files will not upload to ubuntu storage?

    This happened to me, too actually! I also have Ubuntu 13.04 and recently set up an Ubuntu One account. I have some very large data packages and that's actually where they get stuck just like yours, syncing but never completing no matter how many hours I give it! Althought I'd say unlike yours mine uploaded the rest.

    But I have this feeling that it kind of gets stuck on certain files and won't move around them even though it should. So why not try taking out files that might be like that from the folder you are syncing, just temporarily at least, and see if it will sync anything else.

    If you figure it would let me know so I know what to try! Good luck!


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