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Thread: Is there an actively developed "Gadgets" application?

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    Is there an actively developed "Gadgets" application?

    I'm looking for something like Google Gadgets,
    gDesklets, Screenlets, which isn't ancient and
    is still being updated etc.

    Maybe the time for this has simply passed, but
    I find those little gadgets extremely handy and
    Screenlets seems just so outdated, let alone
    gDesklets, with only a hand full of gadgets,
    or Google Gadgets, which hasn't been updated in
    over 4 years.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Is there an actively developed "Gadgets" application?

    hello richierich
    maybe this can help you

    just watch that video (duration 4:26),
    u need synaptics package manager
    then u need to install compiz plugins /extras / blah blah
    then youl need screenlets (can get thru ubuntu software center too )

    just give it a try . . .

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