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Thread: Mass Effect 1 - how playable it should be?

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    Mass Effect 1 - how playable it should be?

    I have ati 7770, 13.4 driver from ati. Kubuntu 13.10 64bit and am2+ 3800x4. Playonlinux, latest wine and the game is installed via steam. I put 1920x1080 and ultra high settings. I realised on the 1st map that I tried to push it too far. The game is lagging. Not playable. Haven't tried softer settings so far, but I think it will be playable once lowering quality.

    But how playable this game would be on windows side?

    I haven't measured any fps, so it's hard to tell what I am receiving.

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    Re: Mass Effect 1 - how playable it should be?

    I cannot find any specific benchmarks about mass effect 1, but normally, it should not make a big difference. Remember Wine Is Not Emulation, it is a "native" implementation of the windows API.

    Some games have better FPS on Linux, some have worse, but most of the time it doesn't make a big difference. If you try it on Windows, I would be very interested to see some benchmarks Windows vs Linux.

    BTW: how did you install it? Sometimes you get better performance using playonlinux.
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