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Thread: Hardware suggestion for development box

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    Hardware suggestion for development box

    I'm a developer and would like to build my ubuntu machine. The problem is that I don't know about hardwares.
    Could somebody suggest me what to buy? I use several VirtualBoxes instances for testing in these days, and my laptop is not sufficient anymore.
    I can afford around 2000$. I don't know if it's appropriate asking something like this in this forum, but I want to try.

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    Re: Hardware suggestion for development box

    This looks pretty good, and ready to go out-of-the-box. US$1549

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    Re: Hardware suggestion for development box

    More than enough cash for a new build, I spent substantially less and still have a great machine . You will get many suggestions I am sure but I have been very happy with my AMD 8350 chip: cheap and very, very fast. And get a nice case, you will appreciate this when bolting everything together, fitting cables etc. Have fun!
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