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Thread: Install Fail

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    Install Fail

    Multiple attempts to install Lubuntu via USB boot. Appears to be in progress until the install fails. Hoping to get guidance with someone familiar with this as I have some images of the process. There is some information that I think might be useful!4082

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    Re: Install Fail

    Can you boot a live session or does it fail before? Have you attempted this or did you go straight to install? In one of the pictures I see a "Hardware error". Could be significant. Maybe it's a bad usb drive.

    Anyway, the specs of your hardware can be useful. Then I will leave you to the installation specialists.

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    Re: Install Fail

    Two quick questions.
    1. Did you check the md5sum?
    2. Did you burn the ISO at the slowest possible speed. For some reason, when you burn at higher speeds you may get a bad burn. If the USB device is a flash drive, did you use Unetbootin?
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