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Thread: Running Visual FoxPro 9.0

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    Question Running Visual FoxPro 9.0

    I have been using computers many years (1981 msdos and windows) and have programming in dBase, FoxBase, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro. I am brand new to Linux and Wine. I have installed Wine on this computer and want to run VFP, I right click on vfp9.exe and select Open with... and I select Wine and it works this time. What would be the syntax for installing and running Visual FoxPro? Where can I find the Wine window I see in examples?

    I hope this is something I am trying to make hard when it is simple but for now, I am at a standstill.

    Kindest regards.

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    Re: Running Visual FoxPro 9.0

    Your question is confusing. You ask how to install and run VFP, but then, you say you already installed it a know how to run it by opening it with Wine.

    That is how you run Windows executable in Linux -- you open them with Wine.

    I don't see what the question is about.
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    Re: Running Visual FoxPro 9.0

    Sorry to be so ambiguous. I have not installed VFP but am running the program named vfp9.exe in a windows folder. I have Wine installed. I would like to install it (VFP) and have an icon on the desktop to access rather than going through the "Home" folder. I hope this helps clear it up.

    Thanks for the reply.

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