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Thread: Anyone heard f the Ekore python s3?

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    Anyone heard f the Ekore python s3?

    I think they're an itialian company. They have this really cool tablet called the python s3 it boots three diferent OSs on the same tablet.

    Im wondering if anyone owns one.

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    Re: Anyone heard f the Ekore python s3?

    I have owned the previous one the Python S,
    paid a fortune for it as I though it was really cool and wanted to give it a go to a local company that seemed to have put together something really nice.
    The hardware was a real disappointment and Ubuntu (at the time 11.10) was not up to the task in those days.
    Hardware wise I always had some problem with the memory giving error at boot and the shipping was a pain because of a strike of transports going on in Italy.
    Since I live in Australia the shipping costs to return the product and have it back if (IF) they were going to fix it under warranty were not affordable.

    After 1.5 years of thinking I bought myself a Nexus7 now, you can put Ubuntu on it (just look in the web, I did not have the time to try yet) and paid a fair price for it, works like a charm and does what I want.

    Maybe the new Python is better and surely costs less but my experience was not positive at all

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    Re: Anyone heard f the Ekore python s3?

    I don't think i'll be buying from them then. I want the Dell xps 18 but i dont have the money.



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