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Thread: I hate this Partition Size Screen

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    Angry I hate this Partition Size Screen

    During installation Ubuntu asks to set the partition size with this terrible dialog box.
    I have to telepathically know which one is which. Is it left or is it right.
    This time I got it wrong and now I have large ubuntu partition and tiny windows partition.
    So now I'm using GParted to move Ubuntu partition. And it will take about 2 hours to move it! Thank you for wasting my time!
    Is it really sooo hard to specify there at least something: Windows here/Ubuntu will go here? Why are you doing this to your users?

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    Re: I hate this Partition Size Screen

    You can always use Windows Disk Manager to pre-partition your drive. It doesn't matter which tool you use to create partitions so use whatever suits you. Just don't let Windows convert the drive to "dynamic disk" or you won't be able to install Linux.

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    Re: I hate this Partition Size Screen

    Nobody here can fix this issue. Nobody that can fix this issue is going to read the issue here...

    Thread closed.



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