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Thread: Mono is the best development environment for Linux?

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    Mono is the best development environment for Linux?

    My apologies if this has been posted before.....

    I spent a number of years fighting with Java development. I found their documentation confusing, I found very few articles out on the web to help, and when I posted questions to forums I received no answers to my questions. The issue I was dealing with was not rocket science, I wanted to drag and drop a file onto a form, read the file name from the dropped file, and open the file. It should have been child's play but in Java it was not.

    I converted my applications over to C#.NET where there are tons of articles on the web to help me accomplish even complex tasks in a few minutes. This is probably because so many people on the planet are using it.

    I have been very interested in using the Mono Framework to port my C#.NET applications over to Linux. My one application works flawlessly in Ubuntu which has increased my interest in the Mono Framework. I just noticed the following comment on their web site:

    A growing family of solutions and an active and enthusiastic contributing community is helping position Mono to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications.

    Please discuss this. What does this mean? I thought there were several different development environments that supported Linux. How can they possibly make this claim?
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    Re: Mono is the best development environment for Linux?

    First of all, I'm unsurprised that you found .NET rather than Java to have better learning resources available to you, but I would advise against drawing any additional conclusions from that. You say "probably because so many people on the planet are using it" as if you don't think just as many people on the same planet are using Java. I'm not defending either language here, just making an observation.

    Back to the comment you quoted, and subject-verb disagreement aside, it seems quite precisely worded to me:
    position Mono to become the leading choice
    They don't say Mono is the only choice. They don't say it is now the leading choice. They don't say it necessarily will become the leading choice. They say it is positioned to become the leading choice. Which is a proposition I'm not prepared to contradict.

    Of course there's hundreds of ways to develop applications for Linux, from writing Java with Eclipse to writing Haskell with butterflies, and it's not as if they're all going to disappear. I doubt anyone would say Mono's goal is to displace any particular existing solution, let alone all of them. But if Mono can promote cross-platform development between Windows and Linux, I say more power to it. Provided, of course, Mono can survive when Microsoft decides to make .NET obsolete (some say they are already going this way with Metro -- I don't understand the technical issues there well enough to comment one way or another).

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    Re: Mono is the best development environment for Linux?

    You might look into javafx, my coworker has started using it with scalafx and he prefers it over any java gui toolkit he's used so far.


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