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Thread: Incomming Message notification is stuck in a Loop

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    Incomming Message notification is stuck in a Loop

    Ubuntu developed a very annoying problem in the last few days.

    Ubuntu usually notifies me whenever I receive an email via a window pops up saying "incoming message" at the top right corner of my screen. However, it's been stuck in a loop for the last few days, it's now informing every ~60 seconds about the same two emails I received 3 days ago. I've received plenty of emails since but no new notifications have appeared. I think the issue began when I upgraded to Thunderbird 17.0.6, though I'm not sure. I tried uninstalling Gwibber, Empathy and disabling the "messaging menu and unity launcher integration" add-on in TB, but the problem remains.

    I'd appreciated some help.

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.10, with Gibber, Empathy and Thunderbird 17.0.6.

    Here's a screen shot of the pop-up.
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    Re: Incomming Message notification is stuck in a Loop

    Thread moved to General Help.

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