Hello all,

I've looked this up and can't seem to find anything that fits my situation. I was running 11.04 and started getting "hard drive failure imminent" warnings. I shut the machine down, got a new drive, and turned it back on. The partition table had been destroyed on the old drive, so I used testdisk to recover it. That worked, but it will not boot from that drive. I have most, if not all, of the files. On the new drive, I've installed 12.04. I would like to transfer all my settings, both system and program, to the new install. Basically setting it up as if I had just upgraded the old system. There are some programs I had to install from source, which I had problems installing, and I don't want to have to go through that again. So, here are my questions:

Is there any way to move all the program settings from the old drive to the new?

What about system settings?

And lastly, the actual programs themselves. Can I move them and make them work?

An alternative to this would be if anybody can help me figure out how to make this drive bootable again. I just need it to boot into Ubuntu one more time, then I can use the normal methods of moving programs.

Thanks to any genius out there that might have a solution (or a link to a solution)!