There I said it.

OK we don't have the testimonial section anymore, but it's still worth posting. While there's a lot of political discussion surrounding Linux and Ubuntu these days, taking a step back and looking at Ubuntu 13.04 as a desktop/laptop OS, well, imho we're here guys. This is what I wanted Ubuntu to be. It's beautiful, quick, clever, and easy to use. Granted I am not a programmer, and I understand for those users a blinged up desktop isn't much fun (though I don't know why - Ubuntu is still there underneath the glamour and easy to get to). But as a home desktop PC user Ubuntu is hugely compelling. It's one thing to be pretty and striking in appearance, and look great in screen shots, but quite another to be fast, powerful, and functional with it.

A few of the reviews have left me rather dumbfounded. Many of them have voiced upset that this or that feature is missing. But I don't see it that way. A lot of complaints aimed at previous editions have been a lack of finish and some rough edges. I mean, I had lots of trouble with 12.04 and 12.10, and ended up having to use other distros. But with 13.04, they seem to have concentrated on fit and finish, and I can use Ubuntu again. Unity feels finished and ready for the market imho. I would love to buy Ubuntu laptops and desktops, and we might even start to see some too from what I gather.

So my thanks to the devs. I love it. Keep it up.

And don't forget us on the desktop when the phone takes off.