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    Frustrated Newby

    Hi. I recently got a new computer with win7 and ubunta, the latest version. I'm really frustrated with ubunta. My photos are in several places, but I cannot post any of them to emails, or facebook, or my family. It all just seems too complicated, and I am done bothering my "computer guys". Can anyone tell me how to do this? Picassa won't let me post or move ANY pictures at all. The only way I can "sometimes" manage to post pictures is to somehow get them on my desktop. I was told not to put pix on my desktop. And I was told not to do any browsing at all on win7. There is no manual to walk you through these things, so I am really really hoping someone out there who has maybe run up against this, can help me?

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    Re: Frustrated Newby


    Attaching files or pictures to email is no different in Ubuntu than Windows . You browse your computer, locate the directory and attach the file. Are you using Picasa on line ? because the installable program no longer supported on Linux.

    I was told not to put pix on my desktop. And I was told not to do any browsing at all on win7.
    Can you explain this in further detail because I often move pictures temporally to the desktop and don't know of any reason not to. I don't understand the browsing on Win 7 advice at all and who are these computer guys ?

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    Re: Frustrated Newby

    I was kinda thinking about the same things as Frog's Hair. It sounds like you're listening to some self-appointed computer guru(s) whose advice may or may not hold water. I also use the Desktop as a temporary place to throw copies of pictures or documents while in the middle of a task. I believe that was the original purpose of the desktop. When I'm done I usually delete the pictures/docs or put them back where they came from.

    I used to have a Windows Desktop cluttered with shortcuts and etc. Nowadays I hardly ever log into Windows, and it bugs me if there's anything laying around on the Ubuntu Desktop from some previous project.

    Ubuntu is safer online than Windows, but don't take the advice not to do any browsing at all with Windows too literally. If you're going to surf the web in Windows, at least do it with Chrome or Firefox rather than IE.

    As FH says, the Picasa application isn't supported on LInux any more. It never ran natively. You'll have to explain that a bit more.


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