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Thread: Problem using GeForce® GT 520MX on 12.04 x86

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    Re: Problem using GeForce® GT 520MX on 12.04 x86

    What Ive done is that:
    After trying to install at least bumblebee I messed up everything and removed it. Than I deleted all nvidia drivers and settings, and installed them again with this : sudo apt-get install nvidia-current and run sudo nvidia-xconfig

    When I rebooted I was with 640x480 . I went into "additional drivers" and found out that nvidia-304 is "activated but not curently in use".

    So I pissed off and decided to remove all nvidia xconfig and drivers and deleted xorg.config file.

    When I rebooted, I was surprised to find out that I have 3d mode on, myunity do not show "you are currently in 2d mode", but the meny bar on the left has some strange white nuance. It is some kind whitened.

    So now in additional drivers I see only list of not active drivers, but everthing is fine with my system, except the colors of the menu. All this with no nvidia and bumblebee.

    I cant figure out the reason why is that happening?!

    Any suggestions?! It is important for me to know the reason, because a friend of mine suffers the same..

    Thanks in advance
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