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Thread: How do I avoid dual boot menu problems arising from Ubuntu/Windows updates?

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    How do I avoid dual boot menu problems arising from Ubuntu/Windows updates?

    I have just installed 12.04 LTS via Wubi duel booting with Windows 7 64 bit. Everyting is working well (knock on wood). But I have been here before. Some years ago, I set up a duel boot with an earlier version of Ubuntu with Windows XP. It also worked well for quite a time. Then a Windows update changed the appearance of the duel boot menu but everything continued to work OK. Subsequently, an Ubuntu update screwed up the duel boot menu so I couldn't get into either OS. Panic, panic! It took me a day or so to get back into Windows (cannot recall exactly what I did) but I never did get back into Ubuntu. I recall trying to use Supergrub to repair things without success.

    I am far from being a geek, in the sense of being a technology expert, and when things go haywire like this I am very definitely technologically challenged.

    What can I do to be better prepared for such an eventuality in the future?

    I am Beta testing Lightworks for Linux--that is why I installed Ubuntu. I will transfer completely to Ubuntu when a stable release of Lightworks for Linux is released. I am also Beta testing Lightworks for Windows and don't want to desert the testing programme just yet.

    I am tempted to temporarily turn off all updates for Windows and Ubuntu but I know that unpatched OSs become vulnerable.

    What is the best tool to have ready to resolve duel boot problems?

    Another possibility would be to disconnect my video editing desktop PC from the Internet completely and use another PC for access to the Web. That is what many professional video editors do--they never let their editing machine anywhere near the Internet. They may become unpatched but if they are not connected to the Internet their vulnerabilities cannot be exploited. I may do this when my budget allows but at the moment i am stuck with one machine.

    Any advice appreciated.
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