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Thread: Problems installing / BIOS not found

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    Problems installing / BIOS not found

    So i heard about this OS which is ubuntu, so i tried to install, but first i backed up my files in a external hard drive. Then i burnt ubuntu into my DVD cd. Everything went well
    at first but then after everything it said. Restart now, so i did, but then uppon starting up the notification to install it again or try now appeared again, which so messed up, so i thought i messed up something, so restarted it and pulled the CD out, but then the pc just haulted, and said, error: No device found : (random letters and words) I was like wtf. after installing it over and over and over i gave up, so i'm using this try now to see if i can recover my past OS which is Windows 7, the activator is one of my hard drives, and i have located it, but it need to be burnt into another cd. If i choose to burn it on the cd where the ubuntu is, this try now might crash, and all hope of recovery is lost. sorry i'm just a kid and I really need help. Oh btw, It says BIOS not found

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    Re: PRoblem Problem! Pls help!

    To put it simply, nothing can be done until the machine has a BIOS that it can access. The BIOS is the first piece of code that the machine reads when it is switched on. It needs the information in this Basic Input Output System to know what kind of machine it is and where to look for an operating system.

    You need to read the motherboard user manual for instructions about re-setting default values in the BIOS. Oh, next time you install Ubuntu and the installation finishes follow the instruction to click Restart and then when the OS closes down remove the disk from the DVD drive and press enter. Do not restart the machine from the power switch.

    And do not remove a DVD disk of Ubuntu while it is loading the operating system. and one more thing, do not try to burn or copy data to the Ubuntu DVD while you are running Ubuntu from it in TRY Mode.

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