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Thread: Systems 76 -- Dev Computer?

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    Systems 76 -- Dev Computer?

    I have been spending the last few months looking into hardware for my soon to be start up game company. I have been looking really really hard at Systems 76. I like the designs behind S76 but I have also been looking into getting something from thinkpad.

    Any ideas? -- Also I am going to be getting funding money to get set up initially I have chosen ubuntu as my standard dev OS likely one computer running windows another running Ubuntu with a laptop for on the go. I already have my windows dev rig which is my (soon to be former) gaming computer. I will be putting a 64gb SSD in for the OS then it has 2.5 TB of storage. The only thing I will be adding to that is a new Graphics card for support with multiple monitors. -- Also I want to keep the OS's separate as more or less an OCD of mine. My space is out of order but my Computers each have a specific reason for existence.


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    Re: Systems 76 -- Dev Computer?

    If you're going to be using Ubuntu on a machine professionally, I'd stick with the manufacturer that actually ships and supports Ubuntu on its machines -- System76. I mean, is Lenovo going to care if Ubuntu has a problem on the thinkpad?

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    Re: Systems 76 -- Dev Computer?

    In some parts of the world Lenovo ships Ubuntu on their machines. In fact Canonical works with Lenovo to certify machines to run Ubuntu. Lenovo maintains their own list as well. Also, most of the newer integrated graphics solutions from Intel will run multiple monitors (unless you want more than three). I build my own desktops so I can not speak to those, but I have owned the following Lenovo laptops and not had any issues. T61p, T500, W520 and T530. I am currently still running the T500, W520 and T530.


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