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Thread: Would you fuel greed?

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    Re: Would you fuel greed?

    Why not require newer hardware specs, rather then soon to be out dated specs.

    The mobile market is fast moving, they're thinking of the curve ahead of them, not the straightaway they're on now.
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    Re: Would you fuel greed?

    lol, I smell a

    troll by georgelappies

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    Re: Would you fuel greed?

    Quote Originally Posted by conquerorodueko View Post
    [It's called preparing for the future.]
    [Just because what's available now can run on an A9 smoothly, doesn't mean what will come out later will.]

    deadflowr, it does not justify the demand.
    An [entry-level], is the minimum requirement you need to use it!
    They are not asking for a faster chip for the future, they are asking for the faster chip for the present as an entry-level which is unnecessary at this level.
    They are only demanding for such to push hardware sales of the manufacturers they are in partnership with and not because it is needed at present.

    E.g. I can jug conveniently from my home to the bus-stop on a can of energy drink{with energy to spare spilling over}, but i demand for three cans of energy drink. What for? If i am provided with the three cans of energy I have demanded for, I will only end up destroying myself.

    Perhaps you did not understand the question georgeappies
    Greed = {act of extremism}
    Extremism = {act of vandalism}
    Would you support and promote greed?
    Would you contribute towards an act of vandalism?
    georgelappies: [Yes I would most definitely, the faster the hardware the better. ]
    georgelappies, it is good to know that you fuel greed, at least we know who will help ubuntu to destroy itself!

    With such followers, ubuntu is looking forward to its doom, while I look forward to android. Anyone know the link to android for PC? I am going to change from ubuntu to android for PC if it exists now.

    Evil genius laugh: Hahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahaha
    I really have no idea what point you're trying to make.

    You need to think of another way to make it, somewhere else - you've had 2 attempts here - and this one is already heading towards the same insulting comments as the last.

    At the end of the day - if you don't want to use Ubuntu then don't - no-one forces you too.

    Closing this thread.

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