Silent, passive cooled case from Hd Plex is excellent choice for people who need quiet and economical PC. i7 3770 T offers decent graphic performance. No moving parts (except on/off switch makes the machine completely silent.

There is a limit on number of pictures I can post so here's a link to the album

Components to be assembled:

- H 3 S Hd Plex
- Zotac Z77
- i7 3770 T
- Ocz Vertex 2 120 GB
- Pico Psu 150 w
- 2 GB ddr3 1600 8-8-8-24 1.5V

Hd Plex customer service answered all questions promptly and accurately, dispatch on time as well.
Package contained everything you may need for case of your custom system. Only bottom screws placeholders need trimming to accommodate some components of Zotac z77.

i7 3770 T was difficult to get and relatively expensive, but its tdp of 45 watts is impressive.
1.5V ram is a decent compromise, unfortunately very appropriate for this config 1.35V Eco modules was no longer available.

Thermal paste was just enough to cover all necessary components. Barbel tool supplied by Hd Plex was very use full, following instructions from booklet and pdf file was easy. No tinkering or redesigning necessary.

Fixing heatpipes was only awkward moment. When my thermal agent was in its place, both instructions told me to push pipes in to chassis channels firmly and evenly. The amount of force needed was unexpected.

As they say in the manuals metal must be tight for best heat transfer. But after difficult struggle and heatpipes in place rest was fast and easy.

New build is on testing now. No load temperatures are around 34 Celsius, with average usage temps never exceed 43 Celsius. Max temp noted was under stress (by hardinfo 0.5.1 and two instances of tar.lzma archiver) and it reached 52.

Just because of pure curiosity tried xonotic 0.6.0, was surprised that 50 - 60 fps on ultra details with slightly decreased resolution, some anti aliasing and aniso, get my CPU utilised only in 35 % with average temp of 41. I guess that's ivy bridge for ya.

Except small misunderstanding regarding ram radiator height (which will be fixed soon) everything works more than fine. Aesthetic, solid and efficient chassis is worth its price without a doubt.

Lubuntu 12.10, Openbox, conky 1.9.0