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Thread: Games running slowly on Ubuntu 12.04 and Wine

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    Games running slowly on Ubuntu 12.04 and Wine

    Hi everyone,

    I am loving Ubuntu, especially because I can get Steam to work on Wine! But I have noticed that some of my Steam games don't seem to like running on Wine, and I am wondering if it could be a Graphics card problem? The games install and load up fine, no problems at all, but when I try to play, they run very slowly! I had been told by a friend that because I have an ATI Graphics Card I would be better off running the OpenSource driver rather than the Proprietary driver, and I'm starting to wonder if he is right, since at the moment I am using the proprietary driver from the ATI site. So a couple of questions then:

    1. Do you think using the OpenSource driver would make a difference to my speed issues?
    2. If so, could someone point me towards a guide that would show me how to install the OpenSource drivers?

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    Re: Games running slowly on Ubuntu 12.04 and Wine

    1. No, the open source driver is more stable but less fast. Not to say it performs quite bad in comparison.
    2. No sense to do that.

    My solution was to sell my HD5850 and buy a nVidia 560 ti. It has the the same performance - in windows - but nVidia has much better drivers so the overall performance under linux is much better.

    By the way, which Catalyst version do you use?

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    Re: Games running slowly on Ubuntu 12.04 and Wine

    Not all Windows software will work with Wine. You shouldn't expect native performance (or indeed any performance) without checking the lay of the land in the Wine HQ AppDB for your particular application.

    Steam and some games run natively in Linux. More are added all the time.
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    Re: Games running slowly on Ubuntu 12.04 and Wine

    Download the Steam client that is designed to run natively on Linux.

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