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Thread: extraction of files issue

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    extraction of files issue

    I'm unsure why im even having trouble with this....
    All i am doing is attempting to extract the files inside a tar.gz folder to a specified folder. eg, the files inside apr-1.4.6.tar.gz inside the folder srclib
    as follows:
    tar -zxf apr-1.4.6.tar.gz -C srclib/

    I've read in the man page but i cant see anything but the -C option, this is the same on google too. The tar.gz always extracts as follows:


    I'm probably making a really stupid mistake..
    Can anyone see it?

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    Re: extraction of files issue

    I don't see anything that you're doing wrong - it may just be that the archive was created like that (i.e. the directory structure was xxx/apr-1.4.6.tar.gz/files when the archive was created) - try opening it in the GUI filemanager using 'Archive Manager', you should be able to see the directory hierarchy inside

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    Re: extraction of files issue

    It might be something to do with explicit path names when the archive was created. Try:

    tar xvf apr-1.4.6.tar.gz -C /srclib or -C ../srclib (probably the latter actually)
    (the 'z' is redundant & 'v' means verbose, so you can see the files extracting)

    Failing that, Archive Manager is a friendly GUI. Hope this helps.


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