Hi, as everyone know it's popular now with crytpcoins like bitcoins. i got some problems with my pool to get it to work.
and i would be forever greatfull if someone could help me out here.

this is a pool for Yacoin mining
the server run
*Yacoind (client)
*pushpool (backend)
*Mmcfe (frontend)
*Ubuntu 10.04.4 (yes i know it's old. but i got a cheap VPS)

*the problem is i only get 50% accept rate on hashes.
*the pool frontend is showing +5000% on real hashpower (i mining at 12khz but pool show i got 450)
*i tested it out with 7 people, with a good hash rate, but did not discover any blocks. so i acutaly don't know if i even mining on the network.