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Thread: Crashed, cannot boot, help please

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    Crashed, cannot boot, help please

    Hi.I had Ubuntu 13.04 running. There were some bugs and I was going to downgrade to 12.04, so, stupidly, I formatted the Ubuntu partition from Windows 8, which I had on dual boot. Now my PC will not start. On start, it says 'Selected boot image did not authenticate. Press enter to confirm'. Pressing enter shuts down the PC. I really need help. That is with legacy disabled. With legacy mode enabled, I get to a black screen that say 'error: no such partition.' It then pulls up a thing which says 'grub rescue>'. I have no idea how to get back from here. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm desparate.
    Matthew Kaufer

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    Re: Crashed, cannot boot, help please

    No big deal. Just go ahead and install 12o4 and that should take care of the boot problem.


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