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Thread: Whats your Opinion about Brainstorm?

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    Question Whats your Opinion about Brainstorm?

    Just wondering your guys opinion about brainstorm!

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    Re: Whats your Opinion about Brainstorm?

    I think they should keep brainstorm and the community should be more proactive in forking Ubuntu and incorporating more of the ideas into a roadmap for a new community-driven distro. Ubuntu is morphing into something unrecognizable from its roots and certainly not community-friendly.
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    Re: Whats your Opinion about Brainstorm?

    Many of the brainstrom ideas, where just from Windows users wanting to make Ubuntu more Windows like. Filing a wish list bug is more likely to get the developers attention in a more timely fashion then the twice yearly review that is currently done.

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    Re: Whats your Opinion about Brainstorm?

    Back in 2008, when Brainstorm began, there was a lot of userland talk about how Ubuntu had changed (for the worse), how Canonical employees ran everything (and ignored user input), how Ubuntu had headed off in a wrong direction....

    In other words, a lot of the same FUD we still see today.

    Brainstorm was one attempt to address that problem. Other attempts have been made since, like the weekly Q&A, improved documentation, more open and transparent development, virtual UDS, ongoing new-contributor recruiting, etc. I think some of those other attempts have been more successful.

    Lots of developers have listened to Brainstorm ideas. There is an important difference between "listening" and "agreeing"


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