Hi all! First post here to this forum! So I hope I got this in the right section!

So, how to start... I am the owner of a Milti-platform gaming clan and I have decided to run yet another Minecraft server using tekkit (or bukkit if nessisary). All the previous Bukkit servers I had run were on an older windows PC (usually running XP). This time though, I had no choice but to use an old Dell GX240. It doesn't have much power to it, Pentium 4 1.5GHz, 640 RAM (1x512MB & 1x128MB). I plan to remove the slower RAM chip, sense I am afrade the machine will try to run off of it instead of the full 640MB.

Sense there isn't much to this machine I decided that I would install Ubuntu server 12.04 on it and run a Bukkit server on it for the time being. It works terribly. So, I got to thinking...
I also have a netbook (Compaq Mini) that is currently running Xubuntu. What if I run the server on that instead? It has a full 1GB ram and a bit of a faster CPU (Atom 1.6GHz). But what I would really like to do is take full advantage of the 1GB of RAM.

So here is my question:

Is it possible to cluster the netbook and the old Dell and have the old Dell use its resorces to keep the netbook going while I use the entire 1024MB on the netbook for Bukkit? I know you can't cluster the actual MC server, but I just want the Dell to use its 512MB to keep the background stuff going on the netbook. I can even switch the netbook over to Ubuntu server if I have to.

Is this possible? Would I have to use a different Distro all together for both machines? What is the process for setting something like this up?

If it isn't possible, I will just haveto simply wait for the cash to buy my wife a better gaming rig and use her old PC for the server, but god knows how long that will take!

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give as much info as I thought would be needed.