You might have noticed, but I need to establish a proxy server (Squid3) with filtering (Dansguardian) and a report genereator (SARG) on my network. I have successfully installed and configured squid3 and dansguardian: i get the access denied page when trying to access a p@rn site. However, I found one of my clients browsing through p@rn images without going to these sites, by just opening, clicking on images and type in p@rn in the search field. Images are then displayed in the google search. Yes, he could not go to any of those sites, but he could se plenty of images.

I then went and changed the following files according to the recommendations in the files and on web sites:
un-commented these 2 lines

Here I also uncommented the search engine options

Here I commented out
<SafeSearch is off>

And still the client could see the p@rn images by just doing an image google search.

Please help where else should I change.