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Thread: All the system but the cursor randomly freezes

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    All the system but the cursor randomly freezes

    Hello all!

    This is something really weird. I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a MacBook Pro 5.5, as only OS installed.

    Randomly happens the whole system completely feezes. Everything but the cursor. I mean I can move my mouse around with no delay or slow down, but it is the sole thing I am able to do. Watever comnads I do, wherever I click, or wherever point of the screen i move the cursor on, it does not have any effect at all. Somethimes the freeze is permanent, such that my only option is to force a reboot; few other times the system receive a command every an unbelievablelongammountoftime, so that I am able to shut it off "regurarly".

    Now, I have the strong feeling this is something hardware releated, since the same thing was happening with Leopard during its last weeks of life on my laptop. After infinite attempts I decided to format everythings; and even then nothing. Even worst freezing were more and more frequent.
    Next step, I tried several diagnosis tools; they all say everything works just fine. I decided to compeltely format the whole HD and went fot ubuntu as solo. It worked good for about 2 months...but today the same trick happened once yesterday and today twice in a row!!!

    Any suggestion?!? Help!!

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    Re: All the system but the cursor randomly freezes

    1. Did you look into the system log file? They may give hits on what happens. However, makes only sense to take a look directly after such an issue happens.
    2. Did you run memtest to verify the RAM is fine? You would have to run several iterations (at least 2).
    3. Can you provide more information about the hardware and what graphics drivers you are using?
    4, Am I right in assuming that the machine is not overheating?

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