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Thread: Cinnamon theme

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    Cinnamon theme

    Installed Saucy on an external USB drive and since I don't particularly like unity I installed cinnamon theme which failed - only had a blank desktop. I was able to reboot from terminal accessed via Ctrl-Alt-t
    I suppose I should know better than to tweak this early in the game
    HP | Intel iCore 7 3.2Ghz | 12 Gb mem | SSD Win7 | HDD Trusty | Mate 16.04
    Dell laptop | Intel iCore 3 2.1Ghz | 4 Gb mem | MATE 16.04 + Win 7
    Regards, Pete

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    Re: Cinnamon theme

    I switch between unity and cinnamon every so often, and I think I ran into a blank cinnamon desktop today too. I filed a bug report just now:

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    Re: Cinnamon theme

    I tried Mint15 RC today with cinnamon. Worked very well and Mint15 is based off of 13.04

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