Hey guys! I am building a new computer! But, I am running on a really low budget (less than $500) so I can't really afford a normal OS. So that's why I settled on Ubuntu. But I wanted to clarify a few things before I install it for good on my computer. Thanks for your help guys!

1. Is this backwards installable?

Let me clarify that. I noticed that if you already have another OS (I think Windows works) installed on your computer, you can run Ubuntu along the other OS. My question is, can you do that backwards? Meaning, can you install Ubuntu, then once I get enough money for an OS, can I install it alongside Ubuntu?

2. Is it really true that there isn't that much stuff you can do on Linux?

I know that there aren't that many things that are downloadable for Linux. But I would like to know how much there really is that you can't do. Like, game and software wise.

3. Can I burn to a CD instead of a DVD?

And if so, is there a specific software I should use? If you could point me toward a very in depth tutorial, that would be great.

Thanks a lot guys! I'll probably remember something I've forgotten later. I'll tell you if I remember. Thanks!

-Silent (Nick)