Hi guys,

I wanted to give 13.04 a try Yesterday.
On 12.04 I could compile xserver-xorg-video-nv packages from the Natty archive repo's.
But (obviously) this isn't working for 13.04.
I need to have NV because Nouveau just isn't working for me.

After checking to see if the nouveau packages are installed, I checked xorg.conf to ensure that everything is set-up correctly.
And even if I boot with Linux nouveau.modeset=0 I get blurry/vague/ugly picture on my screen.

My machine is a Mac G5 dual core with Nvidia Geforce 6600.
Is there a way to compile NV on 13.04 from a current repository, I know there's no binary/.deb for PPC (hoping there is, but no such luck).
So can I please get some help, because I know the NV works for me.

Or perhaps someone else has another suggestion for me?

Many thanks in advance.