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Thread: Samba server question

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    Samba server question

    My boss ask me to create a samba server, but he also give me a big difficult question.

    The question is:

    Can I set up a folder with group delete permission?

    I guess it will be 3 people contain delete file permission, but not other group. If I use the folder permission with 1755, only 1 person can contain delete file permission. So how can I set it up?


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    Re: Samba server question

    Put the users in a Unix group and change the group ownership of the shared directory to that group. Then use 775 privileges on the directory.
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    Re: Samba server question

    I think i cannot set 775 on the directory. In the situation, we have 2 admin in admin group with read write exe and delete permission, 3 user in user group with read write exe but not delete permission.

    So if i set the 775 on the directory, user_a can delete user_b's file. But if i set to 1755, there are only one people has delete permission.

    Thanks for your help~^^


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