hi this is fasy here and first of all im sorry idnt know where i have to post my question so im just new here i m facing a problem actual i installed ubuntu server 12.04 and i configure it i already upload my site to www folder ands its working fine on my local network i saw so many tutorials for port forwarding and with the help of them i did port forward for acces my website globally i did 22 and 21 port forward and chek them on http://www.yougetsignal.com those 2 ports (22 and 21 ) showing open in that site but when i try with same way port 80 its shows me close i did router setting for port forwarding i have linsys router when i tack test in ubuntu router with ufw status it shows me To

80 ALLOW Anywhere22 ALLOW Anywhere
21 ALLOW Anywhere
80 ALLOW Anywhere (v6)
22 ALLOW Anywhere (v6)
21 ALLOW Anywhere (v6)
so i dont know where the problem i did some more search so it says may b ur service provider block port 80 if they block it so can i use an other port for http or i have to install or reconfigure my server for to get the http server im tottaly new user of ubuntu server so please help me out in detail for this thanks in advance