Let me first start to say that I completely support patching bug #1....by no means! But I think 13.04 was rashed too much...or Ubuntu testing has gone down the hill big time.

I have been a long time Ubuntu user. I started with 9.10 and moved to 10.04. ever since I have been using 10.04 pretty successfully. 9.10 has been great for me. Pretty well bundled. Everything worked, as it is supposed to be running, down to the smallest detail. I customized my gnome d
desktop, nautilus, etc.

recently I got a new laptop, put a larger disk and decided to start fresh with 13.04. What a disappointment that was...I have no problem moving from Gnome to Unity, nor issues with the installation. Installation was flawless.

I am shocked that Canonical would let so many bugs go to their production release...Let me list a couple:

- Suspend hangs my laptop - https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42977
- Ethernet card does not work when the laptop works on a battery - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+s...x/+bug/1112652
- Screen Lock does not work


And these are just a couple of MAJOR problems that are currently running out of my Ubuntu deployment. Plain vanilla install, with no other software. Still questioning the feasibility of the move to 13.04 and whether I should move at all...

So here is the rhetorical question - are we trying to build a fix for bug #1, or simply following Microsoft's steps of releasing a release that is not prime time ready...??? Or is Canonical turning into Microsoft's mirror image, pushing things without proper testing and with no care it that really is going to work...??? Should I mention the disaster of Windows Vista?

I think Canonical need to get their act together, before they go downhill....really fast...

In the meantime, I would recommend to everyone that is looking at Ubuntu 13.04 to look at alternatives, test and see if everything would work fine before make the call.