So, with 13.04 came Files (Nautilus 3.6). I think the UI part is fine, collapsing all the menu items to the single cog doesn't bother me too much, except in one facet. The HUD now no longer has access to those menu items. I am a frequent HUD user on all my apps, and I used many menu items in Nautilus directly from HUD, such as:
  • Tap Alt + i n v + [enter] would invert the current file selection list
  • Tap Alt + p y t + [enter] would create a new python document (via HUD progressing down through the new document menu items)

I know invert has a shortcut key, and I'm not trying to complain. But I think the idea of HUD was to allow you to quickly access program operation from knowledge of the name, or the intent, of what you wanted to achieve. Not memorizing shortcuts that can vary between programs. The HUD isn't perfect, but I for one have become quite fond of it!

Wondering if anyone else has thoughts about the lack of Unity integration for the new file browser, or HUD issues in general.