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Thread: 13.04 .iso too big for a CD

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    13.04 .iso too big for a CD

    I just downloaded the Ubuntu 23.04 32 bit desktop .ISO file and tried to burn it on to a CD. The program refused to burn the CD as the content was too large for the disk. I then tried burning it to a DVD. This appeared to burn successfully, but the desktop PC will not boot from it. It will boot from other CDs, so what am I doing wrong?



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    Re: 13.04 .iso too big for a CD

    it is documented that you must use either a DVD or USB drive. The image doesn't fit on a CD:

    If your PC doesn't boot from the DVD it is either not capable of booting from DVD (unlikely except the PC is really old) or the burn went wrong. Do you have an option to put the image on a USB flash drive? If not, try to burn at the lowest possible speed.

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    Re: 13.04 .iso too big for a CD

    It is too large now for CD, most of us now use flash drives since they are reusable. I used to burn a lot of CDs as I would also make several other Linux repairCDs and sometimes burned coasters.

    You did burn it using install tools not just copy? You may need to check md5sum to verify download was good.

    Also instructions for DVD or USB
    Write image or burn image not copy ISO as one large file to flash or DVD.
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