I have been a Windows user all my life but got bored of it. Decided to give Ubuntu a go. Downloaded and installed Ubuntu 13.4 yesterday and so far am loving it. But one thing I've noticed is that graphics quality does not seem to be as good as it was for Windows 7 on the same laptop. (Lenovo Z580 with Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics card) The colors don't seem to "pop" and appear a bit washed out and text will give me a headache sometimes because it seems hard to read. But the main issue is video quality, I've downloaded VLC and have tried watching videos but the quality is very poor. The colors are all washed out and "bland" is the best way I can word it. Also if there's too much happening on screen the video becomes glitchy and choppy. It doesn't seem like the computer can handle it but before I could view HD movies in perfect quality. I was just wondering if this could be a graphics driver issue that could be fixed? I've tried searching the internet but the results seem confusing. Was hoping someone here could help me out.