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Thread: Videos are Lagging

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    Videos are Lagging

    Before I begain I would like to explain that I am very new to Linux and don't know how many things work. Anyways the problem that I am having is that when I play a video in .mp4 format the video sometime freezes randomly and then continues to play for a while until it happens again. I am wondering if there is a driver that I need to install, or if this is common and there is nothing that I can do. This is the laptop that I have, as far as specs are considered I wouldn't think that it would be a problem. Also I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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    Re: Videos are Lagging

    If its only causing the said problems while only playing .mp4 then it could be that codec. Not the driver necessarily. Have you installed "ubuntu-restricted-extras"? I have then try removing it and re-installing.
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