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Thread: Freezed Trackpad CTRL+FN+F7 everytime

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    Lightbulb Freezed Trackpad CTRL+FN+F7 everytime

    Hi Folks,

    I have shifted to Ubuntu 12.04 two weeks ago on my new netbook. I have been using windows all my life. I have got aquainted myself with this awesome forums and online support documentation that ubuntu has hosted.

    The problem i am facing is, my trackpad gets freezed everytime i stratup the machine. I have to press CTRL+FN+F7 everytime I startup the netbook so that it starts working. Well I know this is not so genuine issue, yet its kind of irritating for a person other than me using my netbook.

    Is there any permanent fix for the same? Is there any nice cool code that i can run in terminal and its done forever?

    Some Details might Help:

    Acer V-5 121 Netbook
    AMD 1.7 Ghz processor, 2GB RAM

    The Ubuntu 12.04 is the only OS running. Everything else is cool other than the above issue.

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    Re: Freezed Trackpad CTRL+FN+F7 everytime

    Check that your BIOS does not have an option to disable the Trackpad by default.
    Regards, David.
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    Re: Freezed Trackpad CTRL+FN+F7 everytime

    I checked the BIOS but there is no option to disable or enable the trackpad.


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