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Thread: problem running downverter

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    problem running downverter

    I have installed downverter via ububtu software centre but it will not run.

    $ downverter
    /usr/bin/downverter: line 4: /opt/downverter/downverter: No such file or directory

    but the file is there in opt/downverter/downverter i can see it

    i have also installed minitube and although it will interrogate the database it will not run the file selected either

    running ubuntu 12.04 (precise) 32bit

    it has been suggested in my searches to run man downverter
    but this comes back
    man downverter
    No manual entry for downverter
    See 'man 7 undocumented' for help when manual pages are not available.

    anyone advise me?

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    Re: problem running downverter

    maybe use sudo


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