After 2 of our members helped me to get qbittorent up an running for this new distro I came back to elaborate and share-

"Voyager 12.10" 64-bit; built on Xubuntu is a very nice distribution.

A friend and I spent about an hour interacting with this new distro and well; it's nice.

It reminds me a lot of how Fedora does the Applications Menu on the upper left-
One can also click on the desktop and obtain the Main Menu for the system that way as well.

The Icon for mail, wired or wireless internet connection, system volume and time and date are located in the users's upper right hand corner DE-

Coming from my friend who has used Windows all of his life he said that this distro is something he would like to have as his OS.
He was very well pleased with Voyager and agreed he would like to install it!

Voyager comes with:
- XFCE Desktop Envirnment
-Firefox Web browser
Another browser as well (can't recall the name)
- A large amount of desktop backgrounds! (some exceptionally pleasing to gaze at)
- 2 terminals one Administrative
- Gimp and a another application for graphics
- Abi Word but 'did not' come with Open Office or Libre Office:-
- Basic calculator
- 4 desktop envirnment that you can tweak with Compiz Fusion!

Overall; Voyager is light and easy to use.
Easy for a Windows user coming to Linux to get use to--

I wasn't able to determine if this distro is available in 32-bit as the website is completely in French-

That just about wraps it up-

Thanks again to Mips & Slickymaster for helping me with that torrent seed file-

Cheers UltimateCat-