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Thread: 12.10 System Tray Missing Items

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    Question 12.10 System Tray Missing Items


    I just upgraded to 12.10 from 12.04 and there are things missing from my system tray i.e., the message icon, the day and date and HPLIP Toolbox reports that it can't start because it can't find a system tray.

    What can I do? Any help appreciated.

    Thanks Hannibal
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    Re: 12.10 System Tray Missing Items

    I noticed in 12.10 that empathy requires you to 'authorize' Ubuntu to access your facebook account, whereas 12.04 would just use the xmpp protocol to add a facebook account without authorization.

    Anyway, I downloaded pidgin instead.
    To get say 'pidgin', to show up in the message area, you need to:

    1. run dconf-editor     
    2. open com -> canonical -> unity -> panel     
    3. set systray-whitelist to “['all']“
    Alternatively you could just add ['pidgin','empathy'] and whatever programs you want to show up in the systray.
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