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    Re: update

    this comand dont work in my terminal <

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    Re: update

    Quote Originally Posted by albaniaguard View Post
    this comand dont work in my terminal <
    It might be help to know the error message you got when you typed in
    cat /etc/apt/sources.list
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    Re: update

    Is Ok? Yes. It is important that there be no tick mark ( √ ) on PPA. But tick mark on Canonical Partners is OK.

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    Re: update

    I like to know the results of an update

    sudo apt-get update

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    Re: update

    in this mode i take update but if i doin ( √ ) the other i take eror

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    Re: update

    Hit raring Release.gpg
    Hit raring Release.gpg
    Hit raring Release
    Hit raring-security Release.gpg
    Hit raring-security Release.gpg
    Hit raring/partner i386 Packages
    Hit raring-security Release
    Hit raring-updates Release.gpg
    Hit raring-proposed Release.gpg
    Hit raring-security/universe i386 Packages
    Hit raring-backports Release.gpg
    Hit raring-security/main i386 Packages
    Hit raring Release
    Hit raring-security/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit raring-security Release
    Hit raring-updates Release
    Hit raring-security/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit raring-proposed Release
    Hit raring-backports Release
    Hit raring/universe Sources
    Hit raring/main Sources
    Hit raring-security/main Translation-en
    Ign raring/partner Translation-sq_AL
    Hit raring/restricted Sources
    Ign raring/partner Translation-sq
    Hit raring/multiverse Sources
    Ign raring/partner Translation-en
    Hit raring/universe i386 Packages
    Hit raring/main i386 Packages
    Hit raring-security/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit raring/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit raring/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit raring-security/restricted Translation-en
    Hit raring/main Translation-sq
    Hit raring/main Translation-en
    Hit raring/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit raring-security/universe Translation-en
    Hit raring/restricted Translation-en
    Hit raring/universe Translation-sq
    Hit raring/universe Translation-en
    Hit raring-security/universe Sources
    Hit raring-security/main Sources
    Hit raring-security/restricted Sources
    Hit raring-security/multiverse Sources
    Hit raring-updates/universe Sources
    Hit raring-updates/main Sources
    Hit raring-updates/restricted Sources
    Hit raring-updates/multiverse Sources
    Hit raring-updates/universe i386 Packages
    Hit raring-updates/main i386 Packages
    Hit raring-updates/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit raring-updates/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit raring-updates/main Translation-en
    Hit raring-updates/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit raring-updates/restricted Translation-en
    Ign raring-security/main Translation-sq_AL
    Hit raring-updates/universe Translation-en
    Ign raring-security/main Translation-sq
    Hit raring-proposed/universe i386 Packages
    Ign raring-security/multiverse Translation-sq_AL
    Hit raring-proposed/main i386 Packages
    Ign raring-security/multiverse Translation-sq
    Hit raring-proposed/multiverse i386 Packages
    Ign raring-security/restricted Translation-sq_AL
    Hit raring-proposed/restricted i386 Packages
    Ign raring-security/restricted Translation-sq
    Hit raring-proposed/main Translation-sq
    Ign raring-security/universe Translation-sq_AL
    Hit raring-proposed/main Translation-en
    Ign raring-security/universe Translation-sq
    Hit raring-proposed/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit raring-proposed/restricted Translation-en
    Hit raring-proposed/universe Translation-sq
    Hit raring-proposed/universe Translation-en
    Hit raring-backports/universe i386 Packages
    Hit raring-backports/main i386 Packages
    Hit raring-backports/multiverse i386 Packages
    Hit raring-backports/restricted i386 Packages
    Hit raring-backports/main Translation-en
    Hit raring-backports/multiverse Translation-en
    Hit raring-backports/restricted Translation-en
    Hit raring-backports/universe Translation-en
    Ign raring/main Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring/multiverse Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring/multiverse Translation-sq
    Ign raring/restricted Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring/restricted Translation-sq
    Ign raring/universe Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-updates/main Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-updates/main Translation-sq
    Ign raring-updates/multiverse Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-updates/multiverse Translation-sq
    Ign raring-updates/restricted Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-updates/restricted Translation-sq
    Ign raring-updates/universe Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-updates/universe Translation-sq
    Ign raring-proposed/main Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-proposed/multiverse Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-proposed/multiverse Translation-sq
    Ign raring-proposed/restricted Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-proposed/restricted Translation-sq
    Ign raring-proposed/universe Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-backports/main Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-backports/main Translation-sq
    Ign raring-backports/multiverse Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-backports/multiverse Translation-sq
    Ign raring-backports/restricted Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-backports/restricted Translation-sq
    Ign raring-backports/universe Translation-sq_AL
    Ign raring-backports/universe Translation-sq
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    Re: update

    Then whatever you have unchecked at the moment may not have a raring source.


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