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Thread: CONNECTIVITY: I don't haz it - 13.04 - FIXED WIFI .. then ..

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    CONNECTIVITY: I don't haz it - 13.04 - FIXED WIFI .. then ..

    So, folks! I have been a very unhappy WINDOWS user for ages until today. That's when I became a FORMER Windows user! Haha .. Considering an upgrade to Ubuntu or Kubuntu have always been on my "to do" list, I figured today was a fine day to give Bill Gates the boot .. =) Here's the deal though ...

    First off, when I first got ON Ubuntu (13.04) today, I was forced to plug in my Ethernet to get online due to what is obviously an issue with certain WiFi devices. The one in question earlier (Broadcomm BCM4311) did get connected thanks to my magical search skills .. which everyone should use before posting the same question 1200 other people have. Haha .. so here's the CURRENT TROUBLE:

    Feeling like I conquered Ubuntu when my WiFi appeared, I started dabbling around with some of the features in the OS. Noticed there was a selection which showed the driver in "additional drivers" and below it, I saw that a proprietary driver was also installed but the LATTER was the active one. Since I'm a genius .. I tried to swap them even though everything was working perfectly.

    Not sure if that's what caused this, but now WHILE IT SAYS I'M CONNECTED TO WIFI .. I can not access the web. When plugging my Ethernet into the laptop, the same thing happens when I load Firefox.

    Didn't see this issue posted .. therefore I'm making this one. Thanks in advance, folks!

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    Re: CONNECTIVITY: I don't haz it - 13.04 - FIXED WIFI .. then ..

    Mods/amins .. I've got the issue covered so please delete.

    I may have overlooked an option to delete this myself .. so .. I apologize in advance if I could have removed this thread on my own.

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    Re: CONNECTIVITY: I don't haz it - 13.04 - FIXED WIFI .. then ..

    We don't delete threads but mark them solved, as I have done now.

    Next time please use a more informative thread title.
    Bringing old hardware back to life. About problems due to upgrading.
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    Don't use this space for a list of your hardware. It only creates false hits in the search engines.

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