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Thread: error: file not found

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    error: file not found


    I have a 2006 macbook running a triple-boot (snow leopard, win7, Lubuntu 12.04) using rEFIt as the boot manager...

    I upgraded Lubuntu to 12.10 today and everything went smoothly until the reboot...

    Prior to the Lubuntu login screen I am getting error: file not found
    error: file not found
    error: file not found

    In the top left corner for less than a second and then the login screen shows up. Everything works fine (which is amazing as I was holding my breath after the reboot) it's just got me wondering what file can't be found. I'm kinda thinking it might be something to do with Grub but I'm open to suggestions.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: error: file not found


    If your not seeing your "GNU Grub" menu with your 'tri-boot' before Lubuntu boots up; I suspect it is Grub like you said--

    Not sure what else that file could be in reference to. Maybe the kernel because you upgraded your Lubuntu?
    I looked around on Google for "file not found lubuntu"

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