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edit: so, CopperBezel, should we take it that you are of the opinion that neither is technically correct, but both can be can be considered correct in colloquially usage?
It depends on how you mean "technically." In specific contexts, each one would seem to be "correct." In the case of "race," it'd be important to be clear that the word is being used in its "less technical" definition, but that doesn't actually make it any less correct. "Species", I think, is correct in any case - you could say that you'd discovered a "new species" without knowing its classification, and this doesn't seem like a big jump from that. So if the question is between "colloquial" (or even just "everyday") and "scientific," then yeah, "species" is a more technical term, but that means that it's more correct in technical contexts, not that it's inherently more correct.

And like PJs Ronin pointed out, it's probably just as important to consider the connotations that sci-fi readers are going to read into each.