Hi Everyone,

i hope you're all well (uk specific: and enjoying the recent sunshine). As the subject suggests, i've been wondering recently if there is a way that i can bind keyboard shortcuts using a command in my bashrc. just writing this, i realise that a .bashrc woudn't be the correct place to do this, but rather rc.local, or some script that runs on startup.

basically i'm really sick of setting up my shortcuts on different machines, with different desktop environments, using the compiz config tool or similar ones. or copying the %gconf files from one machine to another. i fgure there must be a command that i can use to bind them, which would be non-specific to a destop environment. Ideally i'd love to be able to boot into xfce, kde, gnome, openbox, fluxbox, cinnamon, enilghtenment, awsome etc... and have all my shortcuts work.

i mean the comands that are executed might be desktop env specific (that would be up to me), but that's a seperate issue. basically i want a command that i can use to bind a keyboard shortcut to a specific command.

anyway, i've been looking into the bind command, but it look really harcore and i'm not really sure how it works, or if it is remotely what i'm looking for.

anywhoo, if anyone has any suggestions i'd be really happy to hear them.

thanks for all and any replies, hope you all have a good weekend,

ps. i havn't seen that many threads about 13.04, did it not make many ripples?