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Thread: open wifi and linux

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    open wifi and linux

    Hi. I would like to ask a question regarding the security of Linux, open wi-fi, and the use (or not) of firewall programs such as UFW. I use open wi-fi quite a lot during the time I use my laptop. I understand that LInux's file system, be they EXT3 OR 4 or the newer Journal file system are more or less not offended by Windows OS targeted viri, malwares, and the like.

    However, in consideration of that, when using open wi-fi hotspots either at the library or coffee shop, does a Linux distro require, or perhaps more correctly placed, a firewall program to protect against intrusion while on that open wi-fi even though I don't use Windows OS?

    The way it stands now, I don't use a anti virus. One of the benefits of having to use Linux is that we Linux users are not susceptible to Windows viri or malware. I also don't use a firewall; however, in lieu of my question, this firewall topic is one thing that I would like to have answered.

    Thanks so much for all your answers.
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    Re: open wifi and linux

    placed, a firewall program to protect against intrusion while on that open wi-fi
    Not for that specific area of risk. But for common risks associated with connecting to the Internet which will include risks from connecting to someone else's wireless router.

    You need to realize that Ubuntu's firewall is not enabled by default. You have to enable it.
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    Re: open wifi and linux

    thanks so much for your answer. it does clear things up a bit. most especially with the links.


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