Hi there,

Hate to open an entire thread for this, but this seems to be how it is done, and I can't figure out how to close my account myself. So could I request that someone in authority delete (or disable) it for me and wipe any personal data? As you can see, I never got round to posting anything, and as I have since switched to a different OS (won't say which one ), there doesn't seem much point keeping my account open.

However, I did spend a huge amount of time here when I first began with Ubuntu (and Linux in general), scouring the forums for help and guidance, and I suspect there are countless others like me doing the same, benefitting from the advice of experienced users and never acknowledging the fact. So – not to go OTT or anything – but before I bugger off, I just wanted to say a quick thank you to people here on the forums (on the off-chance anyone actually reads this!). Linux can be daunting (it was for me), but it has by far the most supportive and welcoming community of fellow users I've ever come across, Ubuntu especially. So, many thanks.

Matthew, appreciative lurker (and shamefaced defector)