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Thread: Asus USB-N13 wifi adaptor in 13.04

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    Asus USB-N13 wifi adaptor in 13.04

    The only way I can get it working at all is if I downgrade to an older kernel (I have a copy of 3.5.0 from 12.10.)

    But now if I use an older kernel, I can't get the Nvidia drivers working. So I have to pick between having working 3-D acceleration, and having Internet.

    This is incredibly frustrating. Is there any way to get in touch with a kernel developer who knows how to dig under the hood and figure out what broke? I would really just like to get the N13 working with the stock kernel, so I don't have to stumble around with half-working hacks!

    Please help!

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    Re: Asus USB-N13 wifi adaptor in 13.04

    Have you reported the bug in Launchpad?
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    Re: Asus USB-N13 wifi adaptor in 13.04

    Obviously, you should try an earlier version of the NVIDIA-driver for the downgraded kernel.

    from 12.10


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