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Thread: "missing operating system".

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    "missing operating system".

    Hello everyone.

    I have just joined ubuntu. yesterday I turned on my laptop and a black screen popped up with missing operating system on it. I do not know how to fix this problem therefore any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Computer: sony vaio
    windows 7
    64 Bit.
    that is all i know hope it helps.

    Again any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Wink Re: HELP PLEASE "missing operating system".

    can you plesase give more info? cause this also happened to me and the reason is my OS files got corrupted.. well if you are using windows 7 i will provide a link to a repair ISO disk you can use UBUNTU - STARTUP DISK CREATOR to use this iso you can also use it to repair and restore your system.. but if you created a backup on windows just press f11 on bootup to access system restore, you can also try pressing f8 and selecting last known good configuration setting. and your pc might boot up. if not press f8 and select repair windows. if it also dont work you should reinstall windows.

    windows repair disk x64 - -TORRENT-
    windows repair disk x64 - -4SHARED-

    always remember to backup your pc .. anyways good luck!

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    Re: HELP PLEASE "missing operating system".

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    If you are using Windows 7, the best place to look for help would be a Windows forum. Ubuntu Forums is for support with the Ubuntu operating system.

    It may be that someone will be able to help you in this area of the forums.

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